Saturday, 22 February 2014

Lego Coastguard - the Movie

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The nice people at Carcraft have challenged a few bloggers to get creative with a Lego set and make our own movies! We were sent the Coastguard 4x4 with speed boat. My son and I (well mostly I) had fun making it yesterday:

Lego City Coastguard 4x4 and Speed Boat

This morning my daughter got up far too early to start making the movie with her little brother. 105 photos later she had a pretty good little show but it wasn't quite right.. 

Still from Lego Coastguard Movie

So I was roped in to be the camera woman once we had downloaded the official Lego Movie Maker app. This allows you to do stop motion capture and add sound effects on top! So we spent an hour taking various action shots and then 30 minutes putting voices and music on the top. All 3 of us are voice talents so see if you can work out which one is which..


  1. Well done guys! My boys loved it!!! ;-)

  2. Lisa and Stella23 February 2014 10:48

    Oh my God! I was getting SO worried about the dog! Well done you lot :)

  3. Gailann Houston23 February 2014 12:14

    It is really lovely that they have all that space to explore right at your back door #CountryKids

  4. Christina Marriott23 February 2014 21:30

    Gorgeous surroundings hun! your children must love it! x

  5. Oh wow! Look at those views! All I can see from my window are grey dull buildings :(

  6. Explorers kit is such a great idea for a gift. What a fantastic view!!! You live in a gorgeous area :)

  7. Colette Burgess27 February 2014 11:34

    Oh how ace! I remember doing stuff like this as a kid. Our children just don't get the same freedom now do they x

  8. Raimy Greenland27 February 2014 21:33

    hehe awesome, I miss doing stuff like this! I wish my lovely stepson would venture out on explorations like this but alas, I can't seem to get him to leave his room most weekends! x

  9. Well done!

  10. The explorer's mum!28 February 2014 15:53

    This is brilliant - my son and I loved watching it!

  11. That's absolutely fantastic!!

    Going to try one of these with the children one rainy day xx


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