Monday 17 February 2014

#CountryKids Taking the long way home

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Yesterday after church we had to pop into town to buy some bits and pieces and afterwards as it was nice the children asked to go for a walk! So we headed across the market square and down one of Kendal's most picturesque streets Branthwaite Brow:

Branthwaite Brow, Kendal

This street is home to one of my daughter's favourite shops the Famous 1657 Chocolate House. Unfortunately for her it was closed:

famous 1657 chocolate house, Kendal

Then it was down to Miller Bridge to cross over the river where apparently the only direction is South: 

South sign on Miller Bridge, Kendal

sunlight on the River Kent, Kendal

Once over the river we turned left to find the footpath on the far side:

Heading towards the Scout Hut, Kendal

It's hard to get lost when there are handy fingerposts everywhere:

Kendal fingerpost

On this occasion we just kept the river on our left:

Gooseholme, Kendal

Until we got to the weir next to Stramongate Bridge:

Kendal weir and Stramongate Bridge, Kendal

When we got up to the bridge a little girl and her dad were feeding the birds so we got a chance to get a close look at them:

watching the birds at Stramongate Bridge, Kendal

Bird food fight!

The nice man gave my two the last slices of bread (I know you aren't supposed to feed ducks etc with bread!) and they enjoyed themselves feeding the swans especially:

feeding the birds on the River Kent, Kendal

When we ran out it was time to go up and over Straomongate Bridge:

crossing Stramongate Bridge, Kendal

and the last leg of our walk along the river bank behind Cumbria County Hall:

So what should have been a 5 minute walk turned into nearly an hour's exploration and all at the instigation of the children - my brainwashing must be working! Here's hoping we get some more dry days to do this again soon..

PS my daughter was sporting her Sport Relief onesie in advance of our Kendal Team Honk relay leg! If you want to sponsor us go here.

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