Monday 9 December 2013

Review: Mattesson's Double Dippers

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My life can be so hectic that I often grab food on the go and its not always healthy! So when offered a chance to try something new from Mattessons I was keen to give them a go. The company have done a survey on snacking and much of the results ring true for me:

So the new double dippers are perfect for me. First up Chicken Tikka:

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As you can see each pack contains chicken, a dip and breadcrumbs plus a little fork. All you do is dip the chicken into the yoghurt, then into the breadcrumbs and finally enjoy! The chicken was very succulent and I liked the yoghurt dip which reminded me of trips to the curry house. With the addition of breadcrumbs the whole thing made a very quick and tasty lunch. I did find that the fork is a little bit short and I ended up with sticky fingers.

Next up Thai with sweet chilli dipping sauce:

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This one was pretty spicy and I didn't use all the sauce. It was very tasty just a wee bit too hot for me but I'm sure other people would love the spiciness.

The third flavour is the classic with ranch dip:

This is the highest in calories at 190 per pack but that's the creamy tasty sauce for you.. I really enjoyed this one.

Finally the Italian option:

This has the least number of calories at 142. The Italian sauce was very tasty with tomatoes and herbs. Yummy for an easy lunch on the go.

Overall I think these are a great idea and I will certainly look out for them in my local shops when I want a tasty healthy lunch on the go.

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