Wednesday 12 June 2013

Weigh in Wednesday Week 7


Don't Wednesday's come around quickly! Been such a busy week on exercise front that I didn't pay too much attention to my food.. I did my first trail race on Saturday which was mostly enjoyable! On Tuesday I did my best yet run home from the school run:


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Unfortunately I couldn't bike back like last week as I couldn't find the shed key in time for work! All this running is making a real change to my body shape and I can feel and vaguely see that my abdominal muscles are seriously tightening up. I felt pretty good when I headed off to aerobics tonight:


Was a bit of surprise to still weigh the same! I am pretty sure I didn't consume vast amounts of food or drink huge volume of booze but oh well... The fact my body is visibly changing and I am getting compliments from all over makes me not worry about the scales and just use them as a back up tool.

I pulled a calf muscle at the start of glass so hope I am fit enough to run well in the race for life this Sunday. Aqua Pura have kindly paid for my daughter and I to run at Preston. They are one of the event sponsors so they have kicked off our fund raising with a £100 donation. If anyone would like to increase this then we have a Just Giving page. This will be our 3rd race for life as a team and our 3rd venue! The weather is looking rather damp so here is hoping we do ok and don't drown...



  1. Looking very good ! ! . . .
    Don't forget that, at the same time as you're burning off fat you're also building muscle - so although your weight may not change, your bodyshape, and your fitness levels will . . . . .
    Keep up the good work ! !

  2. Thanks Steve I am happy as feeling so much fitter. BMI is not horrendous so concentrating on fitness and muscle tone :-)


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