Saturday 9 February 2013

Recipe for a fun Saturday

Day one of our half term and a chance for us all to unwind and recuperate from all the minor colds etc we have been suffering from. Nice to turn off the alarms and get up when our bodies say to. Shame for some reason my daughter still wakes up early though she does sneak downstairs to put on TV for a while before dragging her little brother out of bed. Sticking a load in the washing machine gives me another 30 minutes back in bed with a coffee, then I get joined by my daughter who watches CBBC on the iPad! It makes for a laid back start to the day.

Then its time to head into town to do the chores and shopping. On a wet miserable day like today with a parcel to collect we drive to the county hall car park. Lots of others had had the same idea so we were lucky to get a space. First stop was to pick up the parcel before the delivery office closed as it was something we have to review over the half term (watch this space Tree Fu Tom fans!). 

Next a walk all the way through town to the shop that repairs phones. Unfortunately my decrepit 3G iPhone was deemed pass it so I was lucky they were selling an old 3GS one on my network at a great price. Yes I am still several years out of date but I now have a phone that has a working on/off switch! I am impressed myself in the middle of all this by running to and from the cash point with very little trouble - all that training has paid off..

Whilst walking back we had to wait for what seemed like ages at the pedestrian crossing (I never let the children cross until green man) I noticed for the first time that a building opposite has a pulley and top floor warehouse door. A friend has told me that this used to be a wool merchants:

Now it was time for the children to choose some new clothes as they don't stop growing at the minute.. Hard work when they know exactly what they want but the clothing budget only stretches so far (thank goodness for Peacocks!). Then as we haven't had a proper meal out for months it was off to Pizza Express. My daughter made mistake of wearing same shirt as the kitchen staff so was made an honorary member of the crew:

What we love there is the kids' menu with its simple choices for 3 courses plus there are healthy options for me to with lighter pizzas or salads. The children especially love the dessert:

We had a new experience as the children persuaded me to let them look into Games Workshop as they have often admired the models through the window. The very nice man in the shop let them have a free model (Legolas and Aragorn) each and gave them a painting lesson:

I was amazed how much concentration my 6 year put in:

They are now talking about jointly saving up for their first kit... I may live to regret introducing them to this..

We then made it home in time to watch Scotland redeem themselves by winning against Italy in the 6 Nations. Its looking like a very unpredictable tournament and I wouldn't like to bet on a winner!

Now we are snuggled up watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A perfect end to the day as I've also had a thing for Harrison Ford even if he is same age as my dad! Bonus this one as Sean Connery in it too...


  1. MidlifeSinglemum9 February 2013 at 19:43

    Looks like you've got everything done on the first day of half term. How are you going to fill the rest of the week. No, don't tell me - I'll wait patiently for the blog posts. :) Enjoy your week!

  2. My last saturday was not so nice, because she is not in town but the next i hope we will make a good deals for all day long...

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day :) It's our half term next week.


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