Tuesday 12 February 2013

National Libraries Day 2013 #NLD13

Saturday was the annual National Libraries Day though events weren't limited to just the one day. The idea is to promote libraries and encourage people of all ages to use their local library. 

Our local library in Kendal has recently had a major refurbishment and until Sunday we hadn't had a chance to check out the changes. From the outside it still looks like a traditional library with its design from 1909:

However on the inside it is very modern with a large range of books for everyone plus computer terminals, comfy seating and a coffee machine!

I was wanting to try out the library Sunday book club as recommended by the librarian at my school. We were discussing Good Omens which is by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I had to take my children along but the library was an ideal place for this. One librarian suggested that my daughter go on one of the computers (she is 9 so just over the age to be unsupervised in the library) so she was happy. My son was in a corner of the library close to me and another librarian dug out a story sack of Where the Wild Things Are and he was happy making the toys fly over the book racks, not sure that's what the librarian intended! So I could relax and discuss the book. We went home with a plentiful supply of new library books and my son wasted no time in reading to me:

So as a family we all love our local library and we will be back again very soon. Do you use your local library?

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