Tuesday 20 March 2012

Easter Gifts Review

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We were sent some gifts to try out that would make lovely Easter gift ideas. There was a good mix of ideas which meant there was something for both my 8 year daughter and my 5 year old son to try.

Ravensburger Rabbit Jigsaw

I haven't done many big jigsaws with my children as flat surfaces in our house seem to be a rare occurrence! I have managed to clear off some coffee table space to accommodate this one though..

With 200 pieces this should keep us out of mischief if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Ravensburger jigsaws are always such good quality that I don't mind it being out taking up room for as long as it takes us to complete it... which could be a while as the grass all looks very similar to me. These have an RRP of £7.99

Schleich Animals

My children have been acquiring quite a collection of these delightful animal figurines and so were very pleased to get sent some more. These ones are in the lower price range from the brand and are available from places such as Tesco Direct for £2.75. They are so well made I am very pleased to have them in my children's toy collection.

Shoulder Buddy

We hadn't come across these before but my daughter soon got the hang of what to do with them. A magnetic disc goes under your child's shirt so that the buddy rests safely on the shoulder. There are a range of 8 of them to collect for ages 4 and up.

I found them online at Argos for £4.99. Each one has a different life motto or "smart" which is aimed at boosting your child's self esteem. 

All in all some lovely potential gift ideas to suit a range of budgets. Each of us had our own favourite mine being the jigsaw, my son loved the animals and my daughter the shoulder buddy.

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