Thursday 15 March 2012

LifeCircle 2012: Having Me Time

Life Circle

Life has got in the way of me taking part in this for the last few weeks! It's very topical this time as Kate wanted us to look at our me time. 

This is especially important for me as single mum as if I burn out there isn't a partner to pick up the pieces. There is a lot of pressure on my day with children, housework, blogging for work, blogging for pleasure, my other business interests and now a part time job 4 hours every afternoon. I'm working on finding a balance between them all that leaves me with enough time to unwind.

I have started getting up half an hour earlier so that I can start the day more relaxed and less frazzled. This means that I have to be conscious of not staying up (or not turning bedside light off) too late. My children seem to have got through their sleep issues so I am now getting enough time in the evening to watch some TV and have some Facebook/Twitter time. I seem to have plenty of time to read books and this is one of my favourite ways to unwind.

Hopefully I'll start to feel less like I'm running round in circles soon.. Use the logo above to see everyone else's posts.


  1. I've also got in to getting up half an hour before DD. Luckily she's not a morning person, although neither am I. However it's worth it to get myself ready in peace and have a coffee (check emails, blog, fb, twitter and the level of the Sea of Galilee). Then I only have to worry about getting her dressed and ready to go. Evening still need working on though. You seem to have it pretty much sussed out.

  2. I love having that first half hour/hour to myself in the morning. So much better than throwing yourself into the day.

    Plus it gives the chance to have that occasional unhealthy breakfast without anybody knowing :-)

    So glad that your getting more time to do things.

  3. Although I know I couldn't get out of bed any earlier, I admire you for doing so. It sounds like a good plan to get some stuff out of the way so you're ready for the day. Hope you continue to get some me time.



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