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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful: Week 16 end of the holidays #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
My life may not be as exciting as Michelle's at the minute but I have lots of reasons to be cheerful this week! Here are the things that are making me smile:

1) Last of the Easter fun

Boy did we pack in the fun this Easter! We rounded off our holidays with a couple more fabulous family days out. The first was the RSPB reserve at Leighton Moss:

And then on Sunday we went to a bloggers' day at Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester.  Not only did we have fun but I enjoyed meeting bloggers I had met before or who I had only talked to online. Interesting being described as the blogger with the lovely view from her kitchen window!

2) Praise for my children

I had some lovely things said about my children this week. Some from bloggers such as Chaos and Calm who enjoyed my children at Legoland. Also from other people telling me what polite and well brought up children I have! I will have to remember that when they are driving me mental! Also check over on my daughter's blog for her amazing Gollum impressions.

3) Diet and Fitness

After the previous 2 bad weeks there was a loss on the scales this week! I will be writing more about my plans for doing better when I join in with Fitness Fanatics Fridays from tomorrow. Having lots of support on and off line is oh so helpful. Going out for a total of 40 minutes running on Tuesday really put me in a great frame of mind too. Come back tomorrow if you want to know more..

4) Operation House

An impending visit by a surveyor for the landlady forced me into ramping up the house sorting this weekend. This wasn't a happy experience in itself as I'd rather have been doing something fun with the kids but it has left me smiling in the end! The previous moving of furniture from my bedroom to the living room had left my room in even more chaos than normal. Now I can access my bed from both sides again and the room seems twice the size. The landing is also cleared of all the boxes of stuff looking for a home - I did stash these on the bottom bunk so I know what I'm doing this weekend! The front room is a lot clearer too. I did have empty space all the way across the room at one point this week:

5) Spring?

We briefly got teased into thinking it was properly Spring on Monday and Tuesday again! The blossoms were out and we got to spend 2 evenings having picnic teas outside:

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful: Week 14 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
This is the last week of Seasider in the City hosting the linky so please pop over to her place! As for me I am tired but cheerful as we reach the end of the first week of the holidays. Here are my reasons:

1) Spring

Its been oh so spring like up here for the last week (apart from the icy wind). We have plenty of blue skies such as that yesterday. The flowers are really coming out now with the daffodils making a real start at opening at last:

The fields around here are full of new lambs:

All this good weather has meant we have had plenty of time for family fun.

2) Family Fun

Its been a busy and fun time with running, scooting and trips to the park. Of course being Easter we had to go on an Easter Egg hunt too. Today we went hiking with the local ramblers group. There will be fuller post tomorrow but this is a taster:

3) Family

My brother and his family have been staying in Kendal for a long weekend and its been lovely to spend time with them. Our boys had great fun playing together and we had lots of fun together:

4) House sorting

The seemingly never ending job of sorting out the house took a huge boost this week. My family came to help replace the ladderax with a dresser which has made my front room seem lighter and bigger:

A lot of hard work but it feels so much better. Now to work out what to do with the rest of the room (and house)!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Family Fun: National Trust Egg Hunt at Sizergh Castle

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

As a family we have been doing the National Trust Easter Egg Trail for about 4 years firstly at Bodiam Castle and now at Sizergh Castle. I like the fact the trails take you all over the property hunting for clues and the children love the egg at the end! This is one of the earliest Easter's we have done the trail (no chance of the eggs melting like they did in 2011!). We did the trail with my parents, my brother and his wife and my nephew. Having more adults than children meant I had a lot more time to take photographs..

The trail is different every year to try and take you to different bits of the grounds or solve mysteries. This time we started in the courtyard:

Clue 2 took us into the fabulous gardens which are full of useful information boards and most of the trees and plants are labelled:

A combination of garden remodelling and a late Spring meant that the gardens were a lot barer than on previous visits but there were still lots of things to catch the eye such as this mossed covered tree:

Several clues were in the kitchen gardens and it required adult help for my 2 to solve all of them:

The gardens are protected by this fabulous looking scarecrow:

Next we had to search out the beehives and then the resident chickens. This is the cockerel that is in charge of a bevy of exotic looking hens:

With this being Cumbria we had a clue involving Wordsworth and daffodils. This bank is covered in traditional native daffodils which are known as Wordsworth daffodils. My 6 year old reckoned they were so named as Wordsworth wrote a poem about daisies!

The trail ended in the rock garden. Here they had to count Acers and try to see how many frogs, toads, tadpoles and frogspawn they could find. This managed to take up a lot of time as the rock garden has a lot of paths and pools to explore:

So it was a well deserved Easter egg by the time we finished (and they did let us grown ups have a little bit!):

We managed to find a lovely sheltered sunny picnic bench to eat our sandwiches at surrounded by daffodils and wind chimes:

Afterwards there was time to watch the birds at the hide on the edge of the grounds, we saw about 7 species between us all:

We all still had enough energy left to wander around the rest of the grounds to get closer to the main castle:

The boys had plenty of energy left so made the most of the open space to let off steam:

Our visit was rounded off with a genteel game of croquet as they had left out garden games at various points in the grounds. The family won't be competing at a high level just yet but it was a nice end to the trip:

So now we just have to wait until next Easter to do it all again. Who knows what the weather will bring next time...

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Family Fun and Fitness

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Like many parents I a) have less time to exercise in school holidays and b) worry that my children don't get enough exercise when not in school. So over the start of the holidays I've tried to combine getting/staying fit with some family fun.

First up now I'm running for around 30 minutes non-stop its actually easier to go out with the children. I just need to workout a route that is feasible on their scooters (i.e. not too many road crossings or steep hills) and that has a bribe at the end of it. Luckily Kendal is fairly good for this as we have routes along the river and old canal bed. The bribe at the end was a trip to Abbot Hall park playground. This was the resulting mapped route from MapMyRun:

Yes it was a little bit extra jiggly as I had to retrace my steps a few times to chivvy along a reluctant 6 year old! I also had to run round the park several times at the end to finish the run as my children were about to go on strike so I called a halt to the proceedings for them and sent them to the play area. The run was anything but a steady pace with having to look after the children but my split times weren't bad:

The children enjoyed a good play in the park with a quick picnic whilst I recovered (amazingly its getting easier much quicker!). Then we all needed to warm up so nipped into the cafe at the Abbot Hall Art Gallery (see yesterday's post!). It was then a team decision to cross the courtyard and visit the Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry as we had never been. It cost £5 for me but the children were free so an inexpensive visit. We all enjoyed looking at the recreations of historic shops, industries and homes:

Shoe samples

Victorian Chemists

Bobbin Making from Staveley

16th Century bed

Arthur Ransome's sketches and notebooks

I will have to back sometime on my own as the children didn't let me read a lot of the information as they kept rushing on to the next exciting display!

Afterwards we did some shopping in Kendal (have you ever tried buying gloves in March - apparently its the wrong time of year!). The children had their last Christmas book tokens to spend so we spent forever in Waterstones. A minor miracle occurred as I came out without buying a new book for myself!! I did attempt to run part of the 3 kilometers home but the 6 year old went on strike so I had to content myself with walking.

Today we met up with the extended family and with 3 children and a dog needing some exercise we again mounted up on the scooters (this time I took mine) and headed to the park from my parents' side of town. Once again the old canal path is perfect for this kind of expedition:

It was a bit chilly at the park but the children still had plenty of fun on all the equipment:

We could also just see the Kendal kite festival up at the castle:

And there were plenty of birds enjoying the River Kent:

The scooting looked so much fun that we even persuaded granny to have a go on my scooter:

Then it was a return leg along the canal path and my son spotted this cheeky little thing in the tree:

Later we rewarded ourselves with a yummy Easter tea:

Next challenge is the annual Easter egg hunt at Sizergh but I'll have to get the children to scoot across town first so that I can get in a run!