Thursday 18 February 2010

One of those days - again?

Josie at Sleep is for the Weak how did you know I needed to write one of these kind of blog posts when looking at this week's workshop....

Judging by the number of times I've started a tweet with aargh today it has definitely been one of those days...

We are all still in post holiday meltdown mode as we are all missing parents/grandparents and all the other family we enjoyed having with us and sharing the load over the long weekend. My kids are more whingey, whiny, argumentative and pains in the bum than normal and today I'm tearing my hair out...

It all started well with kisses & cuddles in bed and a lazy late get up. Then E starts to be picked on by O who has a nasty tendency to pull his big sister's hair out. Separation leaving her in bed watching TV and me plus small downstairs for breakfast. He then finds a leftover chocolate cookie and spreads crumbs all over the place, even with the supplied plate as he shakes crumbs off onto the floor...

At some point he does his first wee accident and gets clean pants on. Then I have finally persuaded E to help change her bed so leave him playing downstairs... I come down after 10 mins to nasty whiff and him pantless and looking guilty. He has wet his pants and taken them off and then pooped on the carpet and rubbed it in with the shoe box we were using to store Playmobil... Upstairs to clean him up and then downstairs to clean carpet.

This when I get some much needed me time on laptop with a coffee whilst it sounds all peaceful upstairs. The kids come down with O in big sister's Sleeping Beauty dress and make-up... Things could be looking up .... until they go back upstairs.... Sounds of big sis washing little brother's hair so it can have spikes in it.... He appears downstairs with nothing on but some black makeup on his face (& buttocks) and spiky hair. Upstairs I go to get him dressed and discover MY makeup box on their bedroom floor...

Right I think lets feed them that should be relaxing. All starts well until O upends his water on sister's plate and other things. Naughty step treatment fails miserably as he keeps giggling and returning... Finally finish lunch and contemplate lovely latte from Tassimo machine - BUT - it says it needs descaling - BUT - it won't operate descaling cycle - 20 minutes later I get a coffee...

Out in hall with E when a trickle comes down the gap of the stairs as O pees on landing through gap...

AARGH can I have a better day tomorrow - please??


  1. oh dear, what a day! If it's any consolation i've had one myself with children peeing on floor, dogs peeing on floor then pooing in sower and then puking all over the house.

  2. Heather must be something to do with it being school hols....

  3. Can't help but laugh at the make-up-clad buttocks and cascading pee fountain!

    You poor thing. I hope things become more peaceful soon!

  4. Thanks Josie - apparently that was his "cow" make-up! The joy of toddlers... think I may have my sense of humour back after a glass of wine ;-)d

  5. Have you been peeping through my window? ;0)
    I caught my toddler with nail varnish a few months ago....he had painted every toenail...and the bath, a flannel, the soap etc..
    Days like those require deep breathing, counting to 10 no make it a 100, a cupboard to hide in and a glass of wine! XX


  7. dear anonymous have you ever thought about getting English lessons as you can't spell?

  8. OK - I'm now worried about where I store my Usborne Stock. It's under the gap in the landing & stairs!

    My daughter (5 in April) keeps having wee-wee accidents & it's driving me insane. Think I need to talk to her teacher as it's happening too often!

    You're an amazing woman! Don't let petty comments get to you - rise above them. You don't need to prove you're better!

    Oh & BTW my 2 year old son hits his older sister (at 1st it was so he could give her a kiss & cuddle - now it's just because he wants to) and he also pulls her hair too. I hate 3.30pm onwards - either he's screaming at her or she's screaming because he's hit her! It must be a younger brother thing.

  9. hello becky,
    im hayleigh as im sure you will remeber me,
    i told u once and now ill tell you again you fucking insult my mum again and i swear to god i will seriously cause you some serious problems (and bleive me my mum can and will.) the only person who needs things here is you,(e.g HELP) i mean who the hell posts the kind of things you do on here, i personally think you are lonely and sad and you just want someone to forfill your needs. or maybe you will just use them to have kids like you did your soon to be ex hubby.and as far as i see its common sense if you dont want nasty or anonymous comments then shut you fat gob and get over it. you alse need to get over the fact he doesnt love you or should i say never did .. so stop posting things on here about them and maybe you wont get nasty comments back and they wont have any need to look at your pathetic page.

  10. Thanks Hayleigh I didn't know who had posted but now I do. And I do believe that I can probably report you to the police for threatening behaviour!


  12. So you think it is ok to call someone a tart on your twitter account then? You don't know Deborah, you have no idea about her. If you expose you entire life including your bloody menstrual cycle on twitter and blogger as well as facebook then I think the comment about being sad is more than apt. You seriously need to get a life, you spent all your time on facebook and now you spend it here bad mouthing Deborah and myself. I have records of all the libellous things you have said and if you want to go down that route then carry on the bad mouthing and see what happens and yes that is a threat!


  13. Ian - How old are you? I see nothing libelous here. For something to be libelous it has to be:
    a) Written down.
    b) Proven untrue

    Hayleigh - Calm down and get back to your school books. Your spelling is atrocious.

    Making threats online is illegal and passes comment only on the person making the threat. So thanks for the insight.

  14. Becky,

    I apologize for the entirely inappropriate and vituperative comments made by certain people to what is an entertaining, amusing and harmless blog.

    I too do not know Deborah, but her daughter's post does not exactly give me a warm cosy feeling.

    Love David XXXXXXX

  15. Becky,
    You rearly are so bloody sad, get a life you sad ugly cow!!!
    Make any more comments with regards to me or my daughter and there will be consequences to pay.
    This rearly has gone to far as far as im concerned.
    btw my name is Deborah NOT Debbie.

  16. Also a message to you David
    Keep you nose out of other peoples business.
    No wonder you brother thinks that you are a Dickhead!!!!!
    Proven by your actions and comments!!!!
    We can all carry on with these cmments if you like but if people wish to act like adults then i suggest they stop i.e No more references to either Ian, myself or anybody connected to us.

  17. To close of this discussion I would like to point out that

    1) this was a blog post about toilet training and nothing else

    2) I have not named anyone in connection with this blog post unless replying directly to a comment.

    3) if people don't like my blog then I suggest they don't read it

    4) thanks for all those supportive comments I have had

  18. Watcher for your information:-
    a) liable for your information can be any form of media not just written down. Liable action can be taken over electronic media also.

    b) There are plenty of libellous comments throughout the blog and they can be proven.

    So I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself as you clearly have not got a clue.

  19. Becky,

    Well put.

    I believe I now know Deborah. I feel comforted that she is a perfect match for Ian and vice versa.

    Hopefully they will now all keep their noses out of your blog.

    BTW You can call me Dave (Or even Dick Head)!

    Love David XXXXXXXXXX

  20. Ian,

    That would be 'libel' not 'liable'.

    How would you prove it. Take the children to court to give evidence about their potty training?

    It would make me proud to represent you in court!

  21. Me thinks Ian is the one who needs potty training as he is obviously still throwing his toys out of the pram. ;o)
    Go on and clear off to live your own life. Stop messing up other peoples.

  22. David you dont know me you never did!!!!!!
    So this is why i suggest that you dont leave an more comments on here about me thank you... But yes you are right Ian and i are made for each other.Which is why he admits to the mistakes that he has made in the past 20 years i.e getting married to Becky 1 and 2, also the children he admits were a terrible mistake to wife no 2. But at least he is finally happy so just leave it at that.
    Why do you find the need to involve yourself, is it maybe because Becky cant reply herslf??
    I gave some advice before that people have chosen to ignore and that was to stop all this childish comments, so please bring it on and we will see where we all end up and who will be the person to be hurt by it all because i will make sure it wont be me!!!
    There is more than one way to skin a cat so be carefull what you all say!!!!!

  23. erm hi david nice to meet you heard so many things about you.
    (and btw if anyone has a problem with my spelling they can consult themselves because i dont really give a damm, and if you are too stupid to recogonize that its pc slang then the one who needs lessons is you.)
    and all these comments didnt have anything to do with theres no need to either make comments of people you dont know or dont want to know you. or to but in....have you never heard of minding your own business; and i dont prticully care what you think about me, but you can leave my family alone.(including ian)
    Dear becky(fat bitch..thats your nick name btw)
    all i wish to say to you is that you are really patheticly stupid ... and if you wish to attempt reporting me .. then be my guest!
    no i understand why ian regrets you so much. your stuck up and seem to need other peoples help to answer comments.
    and no you dont just answer peoples comments you actually have been talking bout ian and my mum for a while dont give me that.and i dot think they will stop untill you do.

  24. watcher ,,,mind your own buissness!!!
    and you get back to your own life.

  25. just to clarify the comment with regards to the kids is that the mistake was having them with you.
    And yes go back onto your page just dont post any more comments with regards to anyone assoc with me!!!!

  26. H, I & D.

    Keep digging, the hole will only get bigger and you will keep us all amused with your insane rants (though they are not as amusing as the original blog)

  27. MSJ,

    Don't think the hole our friends have dug for themselves can get any bigger although you are right, it has proved to be entertaining in a perverse sort of way.

    Look forward to getting back to the amusing, observational (And non-defamatory)original blog.

  28. Oh my goodness -- that was a day! Hope it's all much better for you now! Visiting from the new blog hop.

  29. O.M.G. You had me convinced after the poo/shoebox incident. Hmm, I have two who will be toilet training here soon, hope I won't have notes to compare with you!! Jen


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