Thursday 1 February 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Philosophy, Fell Running and Teaching #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

How can it be February already and my turn to host Reasons to be Cheerful? Thank you Michelle for hosting us in January. Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) Tilly the teapot

To make my class of young children think about what is living and not living I took in my pet teapot Tilly. It raised a few laughs but we also had a good discussion about what makes a pet and can we love things that are not alive:

2) Proud Mum

Another mum took a photograph of my son finishing strongly in last weekend's fell race. He is getting over his fear of running down steep hills which helped him to his faster time. I wonder how he will do on Sunday:

3) Another Canine Cutie

This week at a Pokemon Go raid I met the adorable Alfie:

He is actually white but the sunset that day was purple!

4) Finished Display

Just in time for finishing my latest supply placement I completed the class England display. The children did an awesome job with painting and printing:

5) My Little Evacuee

Thanks to a friend lending us the top half of a costume, Gramps' flat cap and some Amazon accessories my son looked the part for his World War Two day at school:

I look forward to reading your posts and hope you will visit all the other happy linkers and share the love! I will share your posts on my social media too.

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  1. Well done to your son x2! And I love Tilly the Teapot and how you used it to start what must have been an interesting discussion x

  2. That's a great outfit your son has on, he looks a happy refugee and Tlly the teapot is fabulous, such a great example. x

  3. He really looks the part of an evacuee - excellent costume. I love your England display and great idea about the pet teapot. I hope you get another fab supply job soon. Have another good week xxx.

  4. Sarah Cruickshank5 February 2018 at 23:45

    I love Tilly the Teapot, such a great idea as a conversation starter x


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