Sunday, 22 August 2010

As easy as riding a bicycle?

Not as far as my kids are concerned!!

It all started off so well a fortnight ago when I decided kids could cycle the less than a mile to our new church as they were looking so confident... Then DS managed to fall off/crash 4 times in the first 1/4 mile... made him lose all confidence and I carried his bike for much of the way there. DD faired much better and arrived in one piece.

The journey home was better for DS with no accidents but DD misjudged a driveway on the pavement and took a minor tumble. She had no ill effects and shot off so fast she took a wrong turn on our estate and went round in circles for quite a while.....

So back to today time to try again. This time both keen to go but DS whined all the way there and made me either place a hand on his back or the handlebars all the way there. DD a bit too cautious at road crossings after her previous spill and dismounted every time.

Just before church there is a yellow box junction crossing with traffic lights across main road into Kendal. On previous trip kids had cycled safely across diagonally before lights changed. Today DD decided she needed to push hers... resulting in her entangling the stabiliser from her bike in brother's wheel stranding us smack bang in middle of road! At this point she ran off abandoning me to untangle bikes and remove DS to safety. Another dad did run out to rescue us as it looked quite hairy.

Return trip I had to again give DS a hand all the way back to our estate. DD was looking off centre and I kept trying to get her to sit with her bottom in the middle of the saddle - but she wouldn't listen. Eventually she did straighten up and it made her much more stable and she shot off confidentally. DS only let me let go once we were back on our estate and then sailed off quite happily:

Here's hoping that it's 3rd time lucky in a fortnight when we try and cycle there again!


  1. Good luck. My daughter had well and truly mastered riding a bike but then she overly confident and rode into a hedge. It knocked her confidence so much I have had to bring the stabilisers back out.

    As for my lad as soon as he realised you pedal forwards there will be no stopping him!

  2. must admit I'm not in a hurry to take the stabilisers off...


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