Saturday 18 April 2020

Running in circles and painting the loo blue - Day 30

This morning was parkrun today so I tried out an improved gardenrun with less corners and using indoor tracking. It gave me a much more realistic 35 minute time:

@lakessinglemum My gardenrun this morning ##bennyhill ##gardenrun ##loveparkrun ##running ##fyp ##over40 ##mumsoftiktok
♬ Benny Hill Theme - TV Themes

I did the best I could to replicate a National Trust coffee and scones:

Then I had to go and get the shelves back up where I painted yesterday:

I didn't bother to make a proper salad today but did get vaguely healthy:

Suitably refreshed I then did my first ever bit of floor tile laying, using the tiles left from the kitchen 5 years ago. I just did enough to be able to move the tumble dryer back so I could crack on with the rest of the room:

It was such a late start I only managed to get one coat on today:

As I couldn't stop to cook tea my son rustled up a tasty meal:

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  1. Oooh, I need a son who rustles up tea! Looking forward to seeing the tiled floor. The shleves look great, as do the scones and jam.


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