Tuesday 7 April 2020

Blue Skies and TikTok- Day 19

Last night I got into making TikTok videos. It is turning out to be pretty addictive when you have nothing better to do! It was good mood booster to start my day by filming this one:

@lakessinglemum Working hard ##working9to5 ##fyp ##over40 ##mumsoftiktok
♬ original sound - zachjustice_
I did then do some real work with an hour of maths' tuition via video link whilst dressed as Sherlock Holmes! Then I had yet another virtual coffee break with another friend. After that I couldn't resist making another TikTok video whilst in costume:

My son went off for 5 mile run out along our river into the countryside. As it was another glorious day I took my lunch out into the garden as it was too warm for me to run:

By now I felt motivated enough to rescue the lounge and make it back to company ready even though we aren't allowed any! Then I took my own shorter run as I knew I'd struggle on a warm day to get any further. It was a truly beautiful day:

The one problem with this route is that on the return into town the paths are a) narrow and b) very popular. I think I might stick to the canal side until the current situation improves. As you can see by my post run photo I got a trifle red and sweaty:

After my blip yesterday I do think that I have bounced back up again. Sunshine and exercise most definitely helped!


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