Thursday 7 March 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful: Week 10 #R2BC

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Michelle is hosting again this week so pop over to her blog to see what's up and read about her charity work! I'm currently feeling like I have zero energy so need to boost myself by writing positive things...

1) Couch to 5k programme

After a couple of weeks off due to holidays/lack of time I'm now seeing great improvements having stuck at it. Today I had to do 2 lots of 8 minute non-stop runs as part of the podcast. I impressed myself by finding it not too hard! The 10 k I need for my charity run seems a long way a way still but with generous donations being given I have to keep on trying... I am amazed at how much I am enjoying the running and I get plenty of encouragement on my runs from friends and strangers alike. And who wouldn't want to run in places like this:

2) Walk in her shoes

When I first signed up to the walk in her shoes challenge I thought it would be fairly simple to fit 10,000 steps into my every day life. We leaving for school earlier so that I can walk the children the last 3/4 mile and I am walking to work which is all good stuff. However our lives are so busy that sometimes its hard to fit it all in - no wonder these girls and women have no time to go to school or get work! For me its mostly about getting fitter and being out in the fresh air and its for fun. Just glad I'm raising awareness as well as some much needed funds to improve water supplies.  

3) My weight

After a post holiday blip my weight was back down again this week. I am exercising lots but need to watch what I eat.... I would just so like to reach that elusive 2 stone award that I never seem to manage to reach!

What is making you smile this week?



  1. Getting healthy and doing something for others what a great combo, well done! Beautiful pic btw

  2. I've not heard of walk in her shoes, that sounds excellent, well done with all that exercise. Mich x

  3. Great reasons, and very inspirational! I need to follow your lead :)


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