Friday 1 March 2013

Care International: Walk in her shoes

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I was very lucky to receive a free pair of FitFlops as part of the Peer Index campaign to promote Care International's Walk in her shoes campaign.  They want to highlight how far girls and women in developing nations walk every day just for their essentials. It's scary to think they walk an average of 6km a day just to get water!

They are asking people to sign up to walk 10,000 steps a day for one week in March and donate £15 to help Care International put in boreholes so that women don't have to walk so far. I have signed up so as soon as my pedometer arrives I will do my best to make that 10,000 step target for a week. Would you like to join me?

This is my Just Giving page if you want to sponsor me!

Here are some reasons to join in from the Care International site:

Ayanna walking to collect waterAyanna's story

Ayanna from Ethiopia is just 14 years old, yet every day she gets up before dawn to embark on 6 hour trek to fetch water so her family can survive. It means she has little time for school and the water she collects is so dirty it could kill her.

Shockingly she covers 22 km daily. That’s more than half a marathon.
"There is always a feeling of pain," she states simply.
Please help us to raise enough money to build 22 boreholes in South Ethiopia where Ayanna lives. You will help support Ayanna and girls just like her to have safe water, and give them time to attend school and live their childhoods.

Hadiza from NigerHadiza's story
Water is scarce in the arid valley in Niger, Africa, where Hadiza lives. Every day she and other women endured a gruelling 9 km trip to fetch water for their families, and her health suffered.

"For 10 years I was responsible for taking two trips to the pools per day, bringing 40 litres of water. It was impossible for the women to do any other activity."
But thanks to you, CARE helped provide a water source just 20 metres from her home. Hadiza can now drink and cook safely, wash her clothes, and even has time to make and sell straw hats to earn money for her family.

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