Wednesday 13 March 2013

#TheGallery: C is for...

Cumbria of course! A long time since I've been involved in the gallery but couldn't resist this week's prompt from Tara. A good excuse to show off some of my favourite Cumbrian photos again...

On top of Loughrigg


Brockhole jettty

River Kent at Staveley
Hope you like my little selection and hopefully there will be more chances to showcase my adoptive county!


  1. Beeeeeautiful! I think i might have to book a long weekend there sometime soon!

  2. Oh, oh, sooooo beautiful! I always love your photos and they remind me of so many happy visits and memories of time with my family in the Lake District. Beautiful in all seasons and so brimming with a certain magic!

  3. It all looks stunning. It is on my list a places to get to but may have now gone further up the list :-)

  4. What a lovely set of images. Magical.

  5. That Grasmere photo is so stunning


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