Saturday 17 November 2012

Toys R Us: Bakugan Mechtavius Destroyer

We haven't really much experience of Bakugan in our house so this Mechtavius Destroyer was an eye opener. The box contains 4 figures which fasten together to make one big figure.



The idea seems simple enough and the picture on the box shows which character goes where:


What I didn't realise was that the comprehensive intructions had been put on one side when my son took out the parts! I therefore struggled a bit and ended up with this:


Then I found the instructions and discovered that you need the Mechtogan Activator to open special parts of the figures before you can put them toghether!


Basically this is a magnetic card that when applied to the right part of each character open up secret parts. This alongside the step by step instructions made construction a lot easier. I therefore ended up with the correct final Destroyer:

He is already to take part in battles against other Bakugans. Unfortunately we don't have any more but my 6 year old said the final figure could kill a 100 enemies it was so big!


If your child knows about Bakugan and how to battle then this would be a good addition to the collection. If like us you know nothing then it's a 3D jigsaw or a handful of action figures you can play battles with. It does seem well made though.


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