Friday 16 November 2012

Friday Book Review: Notalie Natters

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A year ago we were sent a Notalie doll for my daughter to review. These were a new concept in companion dolls to help tween age girls accepting themselves as being unique, sharing fun with friends and valuing the truly important things in life.

Since then Notalie has accompanied my daughter doing various activities so she was excited about the new book we were sent to review. Notalie natters about what matters is the title of this book for besties.

Kym Yorke has put the book together with chapters written by Notalie about best friends, her dog and bullies. It is written in language that 7-10 year old girls use themselves and has a glossary of Notalie's own words at the back such as fabolistic and knotted.

We did a combination of reading it together and my daughter reading it to Notalie. My daughter could relate to the way Notalie and her diverse group of friends the Notstars interacted and fell out and made up. At this age friendships are hard work and its good for them to read a book showing how normal this is.

Bits of the book are interactive encouraging the child to draw or write in the book something about their friends or their feelings:

My daughter has a lot on her mind at the moment and since we started reading the book she has calmed down a little bit. Reading things laid out in language and pictures that she can relate to seems to be a great help. A great book for 7-10 year old girls with or without the doll!

Book details

Notalie natters about what matters by Notalie Knot and Kym Yorke

Publisher Pizzazz

ISBN 978-0-9573730-1-3

Price £6.99

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