Saturday 1 September 2012

You know its Mintfest when...

1) There is a man in the street with a bowl fastened to a helmet standing by a strange contraption:

2) There are some very strange characters recreating a crime scene and trying to teach science to the masses:

3) A strange looking contraption is used to spray the audience with water:

4) A group of people are using comedy and song to bring an eco message across:

5) There is a boy on stilts controlling a live marionette

6) There is a man in just his swimming trunks breathing fire through someone else's legs:

7) Someone is wearing this outfit in broad daylight:

8) A bunch of people in white coats are recreating the big bang with dance, metal balls and bungee ropes:

9) There are seashells tied to a fence with an extract from a story being played inside them:

10) There is a man at K Village constructing an igloo out of giant Kendal Mint Cakes:

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


  1. looks amazing - and very weird!

  2. Worth a visit next year! First weekend in September


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