Saturday 15 September 2012

Saturday Philosophy

Some intriguing questions that may not have an answer!

  1. Why do children wake up earlier at the weekend than on a school day?
  2. Why does one item of school uniform always miss the wash?
  3. Why is there a wheel from a scaletrix car in my washing machine?
Answers on a five pound note!

What questions are bugging you this week?


  1. I definitely want the answer to these, I could also add, why is there always lego in my pocket when I empty them at night. I have no recollection of putting it there.

  2. He he, you're so right! I'd also like to know why when I'm walking across my bedroom floor in the dark I always manage to walk on the one piece of lego that happens to be there?

  3. Lego is so dangerous to adults - why do we still buy it for the kids ;-)


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