Friday 3 August 2012

A quick Olympic post

I had an amazing time today with my children at the Olympic athletics. We were so lucky to get the really cheap tickets. They turned out to be right at the top of the stadium! incredibly we were at the top of the steps with no-one in front of us. It was pretty chilly up the top as there are vents in the back and under the roof but the sun was kept off us.

It was an electric atmosphere with huge cheers for any British competitor. We also supported the back markers in any race. The vast majority of people were so friendly and it was a pleasant place to be with young children.

Only down side were the queues for food and drink and getting back to tube! Getting in went very smoothly and all the staff and volunteers were pretty jolly.

It's not yet been possible to get my photos from my camera (I am blogging from M6!), so this is what I grabbed on my trusty iPhone:


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