Saturday 10 September 2011

Mission "Organised Mum": Report 1

After yesterday's disorganised post I'm going to start laying out how I'm trying to undo 40 years of chaos and train my children to be more organised than me! This may be mission impossible and I have tried before and failed but maybe this time I'll do it...

Organising My Life

For a couple of years now I've been using an Organised Mum family calendar to keep track of all the activities that we get up to as a family. It is displayed in a prominent position in the kitchen next to where I prepare all our meals. It has lots of room for writing everyone's commitments on and nice colourful stickers to make things stand out. I'm getting much better at using it and adding school events on it as soon as the letters come home. What I need to do better is adding things like the car service etc on with a reminder the month before to book. 

Organising My Home

This is the area that I've fallen down the most on over the years. Between the 3 of us we create complete chaos with things not being put back where they belong. It seems to me that every time I sort out one space then the stuff that was in the wrong place that I moved out gradually works its way back... I've never managed to get on top of things so give up and go back to chaos!

So I'm once again trying the FlyLady system which was created by an American lady called Marla who herself was fed up of living in what she calls CHAOS (Can't have anyone over syndrome). I have had a few goes at this in the past but either ran into opposition from my partner or life just got in the way. I still try and do some of the bits I remember from the last time I signed up such as having a launch pad to place items needed for the school run and laying out clothes the night before so make mornings less stressful.

However the system starts with Beginners Babysteps as FlyLady knows we can't fix everything straight away so she doesn't want to overwhelm us! I've got to day 5 now and have tried to stick to the rules - though getting dressed including make up in the morning is really not my normal style... 

Alongside her babysteps I'm trying to keep the basic household chores running more smoothly and getting the children to do a lot more around the home (putting away clothes/tidying toys etc). I know I'll have to get back into things such breaking into zones and using a timer to get things done. 

Watch this space to see how I get on... Oh and I found the missing spectacles under the driver's seat in my car...


  1. I love the Fly lady - so I expect a shiny sink before you go to bed every night, and get dressed down to your shoes every morning. On the other hand, don't go mad with routines for every spare moment of the day or it'll feel like being in the army. Good luck!

  2. Haven't heard of Flylady so will be heading over there to take a look. I love Organised Mum products - especially their Life Book which has definitely helped me get a bit more organised. Still quite a way to go though! Good luck with the mission!!


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