Friday 27 April 2018

#MilesForMatt Running the last 3.7 miles

Last Sunday alongside thousands of other runners Matt Campbell lined up at the start of the London Marathon. He was aiming to complete the run and raise £2,500 for the Brathay Trust. Tragically 3.7 miles from the finish he collapsed and later died in hospital. When a similar tragedy happened in 2016 my son and ran 3.2 miles in memory of Captain Seath and helped raise money for Help for Heroes.

Once again the running community has shown how wonderful it is and many people have pledged to run 3.7 miles in memory of Matt. As he was a local man and connected to the Windermere Marathon, as it supports the Brathay Trust, on Thursday a mass run took place. About 500 people of all ages and abilities met 3.7 miles from the finish of the marathon to run or walk to Brathay Hall. Unfortunately I couldn't make it so I went out today along the canal:

Today wasn't about speed it was about taking the time to appreciate this lovely landscape that I was able to enjoy whilst Matt no longer can. It was so peaceful back along the River with the sound of birds and not a single person in sight:

Spring is truly bursting out and I enjoyed the smells, sounds and sights:

I am glad to have been able to play a little part in commemorating a life tragically cut short and helping to raise over £200,000 for a wonderful local charity.

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