Thursday 16 March 2017

Reasons to be Cheerful: Smiling despite sneezing! #R2BC

Having suffered from a hideous cold for most of the last week I am so glad that I have this linky to hunt out the things that have made me smile from behind my tissues! Thanks Michelle for hosting. So here are some of the things that have made me cheerful this week:

1) Proud Teacher

Coming in after lunch break to discover that 2 boys from my class had, on their own initiative, built a model of the old Barrow shipyard from stickle bricks:

2) Proud Mum

My son and his athletics club represented Cumbria in the North West Regional finals of the Sportshall Competition. For many of them it was their first season in the club and they tried their hardest against stiff competition:

3) Being Looked After

When I got back from Manchester my cold really hit me and I took to bed. My daughter took great care of me bringing me things to make me feel better and taking care of her little brother. She can be a real angel:

4) Arty Crafty at School

One of the best things about teaching is all the arty fun we have! For the last 2 afternoons we have been preparing for our Spring assembly. Its been a lot of fun making daffodils, sheep, crocuses and chicks. I am quite pleased with how creative I managed to be inventing the things we needed to make with simple parts that the children could manage:

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has got up to and hope that this week I will be well enough to comment!

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