Thursday, 9 March 2017

Reasons to be cheerful: The Gruffalo and more! #R2BC

Once again the lovely Michelle is hosting the happiest linky around! I look forward to seeing what everyone else is posting too.. Here my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) Outdoor fun in the forest

I have already posted about my lovely time at Whinlatter with my son hunting the Gruffalo. We had so much fun at this lovely location with adventures around characters from one of our favourite ever stories:


2) Proud Mum #1

My son had his latest fell race this weekend and had his best finish position of the season. He is getting faster again and seems so much fitter with all his different sporting activities.

fell running

3) Proud Mum #2

My daughter has been selected as an Anti Bullying Ambassador at her school. This is partly because she has been a victim of bullying herself and partly because she isn't afraid of standing up to bullies. Hopefully she can help make a difference.

4) Archive Heaven

We had a staff training at the local archives this week at Barrow Library. I was in heaven amongst all those records and history! Luckily I am teaching local history at school this term too:

Barrow Library

5) Furry Family

Now the guinea pigs have been handed to me I am spending more time with them. I got nicely up and close to Splodge when feeding them tonight:

Guinea Pig

6) Teaching Local History

I am really enjoying teaching the history of shipbuilding in Barrow. I am learning just slightly ahead of the children and discovering a lot of things I never knew.

Barrow dockyard

Hope you feel like joining in the happiest blog hop around!

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