Friday 30 December 2016

In search of MORE in 2017

Most people end one year resolving for less of things in the next year. I know that I normally do and I generally fail! Looking back at this time last year I only achieved one goal which was to run the Brathay Half Marathon:

So what do I want MORE of in 2017? Well its the things that make me happy... So..

More Family Fun

We have plenty of adventures together which is great for all of us. This means more spending time outdoors:

Spending more time playing games:

More Running

Running is good for physical and mental health and I have not done enough this half of the year! Its even better when we do it as a family at parkrun so here is to more running:

I have just signed us all up to plenty of Virtual Races to inspire us all!  

What do you want more of in 2017?

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