Thursday, 29 September 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful: Quality Time #R2BC

Thank you to Michelle for hosting this month! Its back to me for October so I had better get organised... Here are my reasons this week:

1) Time with my son

My son and I walked into town on Saturday afternoon to return our library books whilst his sister stayed with a friend. He and I had a big treat of a trip to the Bristly Hog and he had an awesome hot chocolate:

2) A run at Sizergh Castle

To celebrate the end of the summer running season the running club went to Sizergh Castle this week. A beautiful setting with some dramatic clouds in the distance:

3) Busy bees

Our lemon daisy is an autumnal treat for the bees as they prepare for winter. Makes a beautiful sight for me too:

4) Time with my girl

On Sunday we had a swap over and my son went to a friend's house. His sister and I did some shopping and then tried out the Slate coffee bar:

5) An alternate angle

Sometimes just looking at something differently can bring great pleasure. Here is Kendal Town Hall:

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