Saturday 23 April 2016

Improving the Garden - latest updates

With the horrible weather in the late summer and autumn all the work on improving our garden ground to a halt…. Over the last few weeks my mum has been around doing some much needed gardening and other little projects have started to make a difference too.

The only original flower bed plus the extra section that was dug out last year are starting to look like a proper bit of garden again:

She had discovered a hidden patio under the weeds and now the slabs have been removed it has had some spare plants put in from her garden:

So with my mum working so hard we had to carry on with some of the projects we had started last year. My daughter had upcycled some garden chairs we were given just using some tester pots of wood paint:

As there was a little bit over she had decided to start painting the shed door but had run out of paint..

So today to remedy the situation we nipped to the DIY store to try and get more paint. Unfortunately they didn't but we managed to find some alternatives so came home and started sanding down the shed:

My daughter then started on the stripy door whilst I got the rest of the front to paint blue: 

Being forced to change paint meant that the door was yellow and purple instead of blue and pink:

It took us 2 hours but here is the final result (although the yellow may need a 3rd coat):

As you can see it has vastly improved the view from my kitchen window:

So the next step is to cut out the turf and embed the paving slabs. I still haven't turned the compost bin into a dalek - I have most of the materials but not yet started! There will be some climbing plants to hide the neighbour's garage and we want the part in front to be a wildlife zone. The guinea pig run is nearly cat proof and mostly been painted. Watch this space!

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