Monday 9 September 2013

Toy Review: Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets

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When I asked my daughter if she wanted to review the new Pinkie Cooper fashion doll I got an immediate Yes! She was very excited when we received a parcel containing Pinkie Cooper in Paris (RRP £24.99):

plus an extra dog called Sprinkles (RRP £9.99):

The dolls are an unusual combination of Spaniel and human that actually does work even though it sounds freaky:

The doll herself has removable clothing and her hair pieces can also be swapped out. At the moment we only have the one outfit so there isn't too much scope for changing (unless you put the puppies ears on her!) but she has a swanky Parisien sophistication with her little beret:

Having spent some time in Paris this summer this was the perfect one of the range for my daughter! There are also Beverley Hills and London versions with their own local fashions.

The Jet Set versions each come with their own puppy and there also separate puppies to buy. Having 2 meant that my daughter could swap over their outfits and try different ears on each one. They are pretty cute:

Fashion dolls are a highly competitive market so these have been designed to appeal to girls who love both animals and dolls. Some dolls on the market are ones that I won't give house room to but I actually quite like these. Every time I think my daughter has grown out of dolls she surprises me by enjoying them so I am sure these will be much loved. Just wonder whether she will ask for any of the additional outfits etc that you can buy to allow for a change of clothing!

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