Saturday, 14 September 2013

Toy Review: Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler

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Having previously reviewed the Blingles Bling Studio my daughter was more than happy to review the Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler! However much she claims to be a tom boy and not girlie she can't resist a little bit of bling...

The styler is a completely self contained and makes very little mess. Simply choose your sticker and roll glitter on it using one of the 4 rollers:

Brush off the excess glitter then stick on to your chosen item. In this case by daughter decided her hand me down laptop was far too dull and boring:

As you can see the set also includes some stick on gems to really bling things up! For a simple way for your child to personalise their things then this is a great little kit. The retail price is £19.99 and for that you get:

  • the studio
  • pen and brush
  • 4 colours and 4 rollers
  • 8 sticker sheets
  • 10 large gems
Additional theme packs can be bought from £7.99 if your child uses up all the stickers to create 20 more! So lots of fun and creativity without breaking the bank.


  1. Ohh my girls would love that!! Looks fab!

  2. My daughter is a complete tomboy but would love this too!

  3. What a great toy, my daughter used to love this kind of thing when she was younger.

  4. Nobody can resist a bit of glitter ;-)

  5. I want one, its going on my Christmas list lol


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