Monday 16 July 2012

Staveley Carnival 2012

It was our first Staveley Carnival this weekend and we really enjoyed the spectacle. Its amazing what the community can pull together to produce out of recycled material. This is a story best told in pictures.

My daughter in her flying ant outfit ready for the start:

A praying mantis:

The pre-procession warm up from one of the 4 bands in the carnival parade:

We then all started to parade by sections out of the Recreation ground:

Luckily someone has shared the sound of the carnival by posting on YouTube. You may even spot me and my family:

At the end of the village we looped back and passed the other sections with their own colour schemes:

After the parade there was entertainment, stalls and a fun fair on the recreation ground before the grand finale:

The biggest and best costumes paraded and danced around the arena:

Altogether an amazing spectacle and I can't wait for 2 years time for the next one (just hope that next time all 3 of us are in better health so we can fully appreciate it!)

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