Tuesday 24 July 2012

Jigsaws For Family Fun

We have all just got into jigsaws and thanks to a jigsaw roll we can now do the, without clearing a table first. It's been great doing them side by side with everyone working to their own level:

I will have to train my daughter not to finish my puzzle whilst I'm putting her brother to bed though:

It's interesting trying to teach a child jigsaw skills. To me it's totally logical to do all the straight bits round the edge first when possible. Neither of my children agree with me! For my 5 year old he starts with a recognisable section and works on one part at a time. My daughter has a gungho attitude and doesn't work on any particular section at once.

I worked on an 8 plus jigsaw with my son and together we worked it out quite quickly:

Shame a piece was missing from previous attempt...

My daughter has gone for an advanced grown up puzzle of 500 pieces many of which are a similar colour to each other. I have a feeling it could take us some time to complete:

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