Monday 30 July 2012

Monday Review: Paper FX

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 We were sent this new crafting set for ages 7 and up. It comes with everything you need (except scissors to trim the final product):

The premis is that you:
  1. Tear it
  2. Crease it
  3. Weave it
  4. Make it
At first my daughter did't get out the comprehensive instructions and we struggled following the very simple ones on the box! Then I discovered the proper instructions and things moved on a lot.

Tear It

The paper tearing device as a wide and narrow setting. We learned that you have to have a very firm pressure along the tearing edge to make it neat:

Crease it

The next gadget puts parallel creases into the paper to enable folding. Again a steady hand was needed to get them straight:

The instructions for each project tell you how many strips you need and whether they are open or closed. The closed ones need to be glued shut:

Weave it

Once you have the right number of strips its time to move on to the weaving machine:

The machine makes weaving the strips very simple as the turning wheel alternates which strips are up and which are down.

Create it

As this was our first project we stuck with something simple and went for a coaster:

OK so it wouldn't win any prizes and doesn't look quite as good as the ones on the box but we did it! This is definitely a product that needs practice at to do well. 

It would make a fun thing to have at sleep over to keep a group of young ladies out of mischief. At 8 my daughter was definitely on the younger side of the crafting side but I can imagine that she will get better at using is as she gets older. I quite enjoyed the girlie time we had together making it and wouldn't mind doing more with her.

We used left over bits of wrapping paper and surplus crafting paper so that we weren't wasting things. You could even use old newspapers or magazines to make a funky bag. It has an RRP of £19.99 and should provide hours of entertainment on wet days (perfect for a British summer then!).

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