Wednesday 17 August 2011

#TheGallery: Black and White

This week's challenge from Tara makes me wish I'd done some more scanning from the old album.... Oh well looks like its back to the one from the family photo album that you may have seen before! But this time with a bit more of a story with it...

Here is my brother and I with our granny Margaret back in 1977 at my grandparents' home at the Isle of Whithorn in Dumfries and Galloway:

So many happy memories of summer holidays and other visits for nearly 30 years in their remote cottage over looking the Irish Sea. They were down a farm track with cattle grids and I can remember aged about 10 being allowed to drive my granny's car on the private road! We had BBQ's in a sheltered cove and braving the icy waters for a dip.

My granny was a hairdresser so when we went to visit she used to give us a new hair do. Mine really dates the picture along with the slightly flared trousers and the buckle shoes. I was about 6 1/2 at the time and my brother was 8 years old.

Car enthusiasts may have no noticed the Morris Marina we are standing next to. This was the family car for a few years. Not sure if it was a crash on the M6 that finished it off but we had many long drives visiting relatives all over the country. Don't tell a dentist but we used to pass the time having competitions as to long a polo could last (no wonder I have so many fillings!). The in car entertainment was a tape deck and we listened to Don Maclean's American Pie.

My grandparents had a variety of dachsunds over the years and we used to enjoy taking them for walks. The last of these was long haired black called Willie (wouldn't call a dog that nowadays!). Here he is with my grandparents and my brother and I:

Hope you have enjoyed this little dip into my old family album. For more black and white pics you need to click on the logo at the top or Tara's name!


  1. Some lovely photos and memories there. x

  2. Wonderful evocotive pictures, which brought back memories of my sister having the exact same haircut at probably around the same time.

  3. Love the photos, how cool was your Granny, letting you drive the car! Nat

  4. Great photos. Loving the trousers as well!

  5. love the photos - especially the first one, great 70's photo (and clothes!)

  6. I remember you posting the first photo before and I think its fab, infact they are both brilliant. Such lovely memories to have of your Grandparents x

  7. I absolutely love it when people do memory blog posts like this. So evocative and so charged with emotion.
    Absolutely lovely photos x

  8. Such a fabulous time and memories you had growing up. Sounds like a great place to visit. Lovely photographs and treasures to keep.

  9. You tell the tale well and it sounds like a marvellous place with so many memories.
    You look quite the character too


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