Wednesday 10 August 2011

#TheGallery: Water

As always Tara has given us an excuse to dust off our best photos and this week the theme is water. So here you go with some of my favourites:

Reflections in a pool of water

Dipping a stick in Windermere

Sunlight on Ullswater

November on Windermere

Winter light on the River Kent
I hope you have enjoyed these and please click on the camera to see all the other entries.


  1. Gorgeous, I especially like the first one, very intriguing photo

  2. Some beautiful photos there. There's nothing more beautiful than a stunning stretch of water

  3. Wow fantastic photos, I love the ones of the sunlight over the water, amazing.

  4. Love the first one - very interesting. It's nice when you can pull off capturing a reflection.

  5. Absolutely stunning shots! Love them all especially the first one x

  6. Gorgeous pictures, you definitely live in the right spot for water pictures! Quite envious, love it there :)


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