Thursday 11 August 2011

Boredom Busting Kid's Books

This article maybe a bit late for Scottish parents who are on the home leg of the school holidays, but for us English and Welsh parents who are only half way there it maybe quite timely! One of the most commonly heard phrases probably heard by parents across the land during the long summer break is:

I'm booooooorrrrreeeeddddd!

So I've had a delve through the Usborne books' catalogue to give people some ideas as how to avert this cry: 

Activity Books and Cards

If you are stuck indoors due to bad weather or need something to entertain children on a long journey then there is plenty to choose from. For older children the doodling and colouring books are proving extremely popular and they are pocket sized too:

If they have an interest in creative writing like my 7 year old daughter then the Write Your Own Storybook can provide hours of inspiration. There are also plenty of boxes of activity cards which can fit in a handbag or be left in the car.

Younger children can be kept entertained with sticker books or maybe a dot to dot book:

My 4 year old son is currently loving his wipe clean numbers book. This range is great as the books can be used again and again.

Out and About

If you are able to get outside then there are plenty of books and activities to keep the kids amused. Spotters cards and sticker books can slip into a pocket or backpack so that you can take them on a hike or picnic. My kids love hunting down the creatures and plants that are listed and recording their sightings: 

Of course these books are great for grown ups too and not just for kids!

Summer Reading

And of course keeping your children up to speed with their reading skills over the summer break is very important. With books for all ages up to young adult there is something to suit every child in the Fiction range. For younger children there are plenty of stories to read to them and even books for babies to get their hands on

Crafts and Cooking

If you have run out of ideas for entertaining the children then maybe a craft or cooking book could provide inspiration. My daughter wants to learn to knit this summer so I guess I'm going to have to get one step ahead of her with this:

I hope this has given you some inspiration for boredom busting this summer! If you have a favourite Usborne book then post a comment on here. If you want to get your hands on the books then have a look at my site or ask me about having a party at home and getting some for free!

All books featured in this article are copyrighted by Usborne books.

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