Tuesday 3 September 2019

#FitB4Fifty End of Summer Update


I have just realised that I haven't done an update on my Fit before 50 campaign since June when I started the Mediterranean diet! Since the school holidays started at the end of July my diet went back to being a lot less healthy and I've been away quite a bit so my weight crept back up so I am trying to get back on the healthier eating again with school starting back tomorrow.

I will be dusting off the Blood Sugar Diet book (affiliate link) again  I've already lost some of the holiday gain so hope that getting more veg and fish in my diet again like this will help:

Manchester Half Training 

Before going to Wales for a fortnight I had managed to increase my long run to 7.5 miles:

I had also added to my RMR Challenge Cumbrian parkruns with a trip to Carlisle on the way to Scotland:

On holiday in Scotland with 2 tween boys I had been pretty active with swimming, running and cycling as well as walking. This meant that when we went to Victoria parkrun on the way home I did a decent time:

I dutifully took plenty of running kit to Wales but only got out for 1 not very impressive run! We were walking a lot and mucking about in the sea but it wasn't fabulous for my fitness... Since coming back I have managed to work my way to 1 home parkrun, 1 off road 4 miles, 1 road 8 miles and a bit of parkrun tourism at Dinton Pastures. My speed and stamina are both creeping up.

Today I thought I would just pop out for about 30 minutes and get some hill work in. So I set off at 60:30 intervals up Hospital Hill. When I got to the top I decided to do a separate straight run back down. It felt like I was running in treacle so I was very surprised and very pleased to get new all time mile and kilometre PBs: 
So I am getting fitter and faster and just need to keep increasing my mileage, reduce my weight and keep injury free for another 5.5 weeks! 


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