Thursday 24 May 2018

Reasons to be Cheerful: Sunshine and Other Things #R2BC

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

Sorry for the delay! Can I blame the heat? I am standing in for one extra week whilst Michelle has a well earned break, then we are both having a week off with our families! Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) Wine Tasting

I felt like a proper grown up when I was invited to a wine tasting at Majestic. It was great to sample a range of wines and have proper grown up conversations, with mostly much older wine appreciators.  They also laid on yummy snacks: 

2) Time with loved ones

Straight after the wine tasting I went out for pizza with three of the people I love the most:

3) Malham

I have already blogged about our wonderful day at Malham fell race. What I hadn't mentioned was how close we were to the stunning Malham Cove:

4) Clearing Out & Sorting Out

We had our first car boot of the season last weekend, good to make some pennies and get rid of some stuff. Still got the Smurfs though:

Whilst my son was away on a school trip I managed to sort out lots around the house and my dad helped put up a couple of cupboards. It really feels like a really big step towards a more comfortable family home!

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  1. Those Pesky Smurfs. Keep them as prizes for when you're teaching. Glad to hear about the decluttering. I am so close to daring to call myself a minimalist. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting R2BC this week.

  2. Great reasons. Agree that you should keep the Smurfs for your prizes (at least they'll be out of your house then).

    I had a big declutter when we moved back here and I'm trying very hard to only acquire things that we really need now.

    Have a great holiday xx

  3. I've never done a car boot sale though I really should as I have a load of good stuff that I don't want to just throw away! The wine tasting and pizza evening sounds like it was really special. Hope you're enjoying your holiday now, and that the cards are working again too xx

  4. I should have decluttered more on the last move but was teacher training at the same time


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