Tuesday 2 January 2018

Starting the New Year with a parkrun and a cold dip!

Last year I meant to get up on New Year's Day and run Lancaster parkrun but in the end decided I wasn't safe to drive there after celebrating the new year... This year my home parkrun at Fell Foot had its first ever New Year special. In order to ensure that I was fit to go I volunteered to tail walk so that I had to make sure I could get there!

Despite the celebrations of the night before there were 150 of us undertaking the 5 km event (and some of them went on to Millom afterwards to do another!). As I was walking I managed to capture many of the runners on camera:

By the time we finished only the volunteers were left but two of us mad mums still went in the water. It was a chance to try out my action camera underwater:

I will have to be brave and go in the water again and improve on my filming!


  1. Brrrr. You are clearly from another planet to mine but I am in awe of your energy. What an inspiring way to start the new year. xxx


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