Thursday 21 July 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful Schools Out for Summer #R2BC

Once again the lovely Michelle is hosting the linky so please go and say hello! Its the start of the summer holidays for us in Cumbria so there is plenty to be cheerful about:

1) Fun in Bolton

At the weekend were in Bolton for IronKids. A really fun event and I was proud of my children. This picture was accidentally humorous too:

2) Community Play Area

Since moving to our estate I've been involved on the residents' committee and our big project is a play area. The plans were agreed between the council and the contractor this week and it will be built this autumn:

3) Blast from the past

I had a chance to walk with my son through some of the older parts of Kendal where we used to walk coming home from nursery:

 4) Harvest

Finally got to our strawberries before the wildlife:

5) Slinky fix

My daughter somehow managed to get a brand new slinky to look like this:

Luckily my dad had the patience to sit and sort it out!

Hope you join in and share your happy posts.

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