Monday 7 December 2015

Cumbria Flood Appeal

We have suffered a major disaster here in Cumbria with homes and businesses flooded, roads damaged and bridges collapsing. The community, the emergency services and army have been amazing at getting out and helping those in trouble. So many wonderful stories of people volunteering to rescue people in their own 4x4s and boats or loaning out pumps for free. Volunteers such as mountain rescue stayed out for 48 hours getting people out of flooded properties.

I am feeling so lucky that our house was untouched by the floods and that I only lost books, jigsaw puzzles and paperwork in my parents' flooded garage. Others have lost almost everything and are homeless just before Christmas. This video is a taste of what I witnessed from Saturday through to Monday:

These photos from Hovershotz show the extent of the flooding on the other side of Kendal which was the worst hit:

Now as the water subsides and we count the cost and clean up a fund has been set up to raise money to help pay for repairs and to replace lost property. If you would like to make a donation however small then please go to Cumbria 2015 Flood Appeal

If you want to offer equipment/food please email If you want to volunteer your time call Cumbria CVS on 01768 800350

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