Saturday 31 October 2015

#CountryKids Halloween at Fell Foot

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

With Halloween coinciding with Parkrun our normal 5k at Fell Foot turned into something a bit different today:

My son got in to the spirit of things with the top half of his kit (the zombie trousers were too long for running in!):

The weather wasn't quite as spooky as it has been as the fog had lifted early:

This was the creepiest costume as he just stood there until the run got under way:

The whole atmosphere was a lot of fun with 177 finishers about half of whom wore costumes. This young man did well to complete his first parkrun in an all in one skeleton costume:

My daughter had decided it was too cold to wear a costume whilst marshalling so went for the minimalist Halloween look of a witch's mini hat and veil combo:

After getting our treat from the communal treat bucket we headed along the lakeshore to the cafe for a well earned drink:

They had a roaring fire going in the stove which was very welcome:

There were plenty of Halloween decorations like this National Trust themed pumpkin:

Back outside we decided to make the most of the special Halloween offerings as we had travelled across the county. My son and I opted for the spooky Halloween trail which was a £1. He was given a a map and we set off to solve the cryptic clues:

The clues took us to all areas of the park and we found places we had never been before such as Discovery Cottage:

It was a lovely day for walking around hunting for clues:

The final location was in a creepy graveyard:

He earned himself a sweet treat for solving all the clues! Meanwhile big sister had been spending her birthday money on wand making including peeling the bark off the wood before blinging it up:

Then she assisted with the manufacture of a broom stick:

I think she needs a few flying lessons from Harry Potter though:

All in all a good bit of healthy Halloween family outdoor fun!

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