Wednesday 26 August 2015

Ulverston and Laurel and Hardy Museum

After our walk on the beach we headed to Ulverston in search of lunch. Despite living in Kendal I hadn't really explored the town and found some fascinating things to photograph like this old fire insurance badge on an 18th century house:

London and Lancashire Fire

We knew the Laurel and Hardy museum had a cafe so we were searching for the location of this celebration of one of Ulverston's most famous sons:

The town is rightly proud of Stan Laurel and there is a statue in front of the town hall which provides a good photo opportunity:

Laurel and Hardy statue

The museum itself is located in the ground floor of the cinema around behind the town hall:

Laurel and Hardy musuem

My children hadn't got a clue who Laurel and Hardy were even though all the adults in the party have happy memories of watching their films in the cinema or on TV:

The cafe itself turned out to only provide cakes and crisps but having paid to get into the museum we could sit and watch back to back Laurel and Hardy films in an mini cinema:

Now only 1 out of 3 children really appreciated the films, one had a mixed view and the other hated them! All of the grown ups enjoyed a return to their own childhood. The museum itself holds the contents from Stan's childhood home and memorabilia from his career. Lots of information about his life and career as well as Hardy's. Fascinating for fans but the children weren't impressed..

Back out into the wet streets we wandered back to the car..


I would like to go back and explore more of the town but maybe not with children!

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