Monday 9 March 2015

Muffin Top Monday: Week 6

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It's hard to believe that I restarted the Thinking Slimmer programme 6 weeks ago! Since then I have been able to access their Slimpod, Chillpod and as of last week Fitpod. The first is helping me make healthier food choices, the second helping me relax sleep better, whilst the last is encouraging me to be more active. Ironically the last week I have my exercise curtailed due to parenting commitments. I missed virtually all my Fitbug targets:

That probably explains why my weight didn't go down this week. I am feeling slimmer and more toned but the scales aren't budging:

So today I got out the measuring tape to see how the 6 weeks has impacted on me:

Inches lost: neck -1, bust -1, waist -4, hips -1, thighs -0.5, right bicep -0.5.

It's the waist one that is making the biggest difference to making me look and feel slimmer. I noticed my running bra is looking loose so I need to go and buy a new one.. 

My fitness is certainly better when time permits and the weather isn't against me. I seem to be plagued by strong winds at the moment! As well as Parkrun on Saturday I went out on Sunday for a longer run. I managed a few trophies on Strava for that one:

Let's hope it all carries on going in the right direction. I went out for another 5km run tonight even though I didn't want to!

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