Monday 2 March 2015

Muffin Top Monday: Week 5

How these weeks are flying by! Not every day of them is a good one but I think I am doing pretty well. Still temporarily sober (90 days of sober) and mostly eating healthily. This week has been a bit manic so the running has taken more of a back seat than I would like. I only clocked up 17 km over three runs:

My speed is increasing with my 2nd and 3rd fastest 5km times ever! I have invested a whole 69p in a running for weight loss app to try and mix up my runs. It is a combo of jog, sprint and walk which should improve my fitness too.

Things do appear to be changing with a 1.4 lb weight loss and a feelable difference to my ab muscles when I poke them! The photographs seem to keep showing an improvement to the wobbly bits. Haven't had the tape out this week but I think I need to do it before the next update:

I was finally brave enough to do a profile shot (wish I'd done one at the start). I know that my double chin is shrinking nicely. My legs and bottom have definitely got nicely toned from all the running:

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