Monday 19 January 2015

#CountryKids Kendal Winter Series, Giggleswick Fell Race

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

So proud of my lad that after the upset the week before he was dead keen to run again today. We did have a bit of a worry that we wouldn't get there as the snow was coming down heavily but luckily the roads to Giggleswick were safe enough if slower than normal. This time we arrived in plenty of time to check out the course:

It looked as if they would be running in the falling snow:

Together we walked the first half of the course but chickened out on crossing the ford that was part of the route! Then it was back to the club base for the warm up:

There weren't too many of the club under 12s who had made it for the race but there were lots of children altogether on the start line:

They went off like the clappers:

After the start I legged it to the water crossing to try and get some more photos. It was amazing how the children flung themselves through the freezing water. My son was cautious entering but didn't hesitate to get wet:

He then had to climb to the top of the field:

To capture the rest of his race I dashed back to the start. As I was taking photos of all Helm Juniors I only just caught him sprinting for the finish:

He had cold and wet feet but was a happy bunny for finishing! Still waiting for his finish position but definitely not last this week.

A lot more photos of other fell runners over on my Flickr page.

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