Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to School with Asda

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Like all parents I dread the start of the new school year in terms of how much it will cost in new uniform. Children do seem to grow more in the summer months much more than in the winter. Having a girl and boy I can't even hand down lots of uniform as my son would look rather strange in his sister's cast offs. To top it all they are much of a muchness in size any way despite the 3 year age gap!

I had already forked out for both to have new school shoes when Asda asked me if I wanted to review their School Uniform. There was no way I was going to refuse that offer! So I set about choosing a virtual basket of school uniform items to request for the review. The site is easy to use and usefully gave alternative or additional suggestions when you browsed for something like girls' trousers.

My children have an official school polo shirt and jumper so I was looking for bottom halves, PE kit and backup tops for forest school. My children seemed very pleased with the choices I made for them. First up my daughter's PE Kit:

Jogging Bottoms £4 for outside games:

2 pack of cycling shorts £4 for indoor PE:

Then she needed new trousers and skirt. Being a skinny mini she suits the snugger fitting trousers so I chose her the same ones but in black and grey both £4:

To ring in the changes I also ordered her a skirt £4.50 (not sure how often she will wear it as a bit of a tomboy!):

As you can see this crumpled up a bit when my daughter just shoved it back in the packaging after checking it all out! The pleats are supposed to be permanent though. It has an adjustable waist which is an essential on a skinny child.

Next up my son, he is a very active 6 year old so needs trousers that will stand up to football and a few tumbles in the playground. These certainly look like they fit the bill as they are both Teflon coated. 

First up Grey half elasticated waist trousers £4 again need an adjustable waist but could also put a belt on too. The secured hem is a great idea with the rough and tumble at school:

The Black flat front trousers were slightly more expensive at £4.50! Again these have a secured hem and adjustable waist:

He does forest school once a fortnight and needs tops that can get mucky so I picked a 2 pack of blue polo shirts at £3:

Finally I still had enough left out of a £40 budget to buy him some PE shorts for £4:

So definitely a great way to kit the kids out for school without breaking the bank. And at the moment if you spend £20 online they will deliver it free next day delivery!

Obviously they haven't been fully tested out yet as the children aren't back at school until Wednesday but they look of good quality. I will have to come and update this post at half term after 7 weeks wear and tear!


  1. Another asda mum30 August 2013 08:32

    I always buy asda school Wear for my boys.....I have the same shorts as you and they are now going into their second year and still look like new.....I always buy polo tops a size bigger as they do tend to shrink alittle. But asda gets a big thumbs up from me.

  2. plasticrosaries30 August 2013 10:48

    My grandparents used to have a huge buddleia and it's wonderful to watch! Amazing photographs :) I prefer butterflies from a distance like all flying things! x

  3. What beautiful photos!!!

  4. Wow fantastic pictures of butterflies. My son and I got a set of butterflies to hatch last year. It was fantastic fun and hopefully we've put a few more out into the wild.

  5. Stunning photographs xx

  6. I'm not a huge butterfly fan but your photos are stunning!

  7. WifeMumStudentBum30 August 2013 15:37

    We get these too, not too expensive to replace either - my eldest daughter is a right mucky pup - ink stains on everything on the first day I bet!! :)

  8. WifeMumStudentBum30 August 2013 19:19

    Your photographs are fabulous. My middle daughter loves butterflies.

  9. One of few creepy crawlies I like close up!

  10. haven't tried that yet - on list for next year!

  11. we all love them here, thank you

  12. Colette Burgess30 August 2013 20:11

    What lovely photos!

  13. Mymummyspennies30 August 2013 20:36

    Stunning Becky, beautiful creatures and you have captured them so well!

  14. I love butterflies!! These are beautiful photos x

  15. These are lovely pictures! :) I'm terrified of Butterflies in real life though. My fave is the peacock xx

  16. shame you are scared but glad you can appreciate the photos

  17. my son tripped on his taster day in reception - trousers were OK but knee badly grazed!

  18. I tend to wash at low temp and no tumble dryer so less shrinkage!


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