Tuesday 27 August 2013

Food Review: Walkers Mighty Lights

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Like many parents I worry about how healthy my children's diets are. I know that I need to ensure that they have a balanced diet but also want to make sure they are happy with what they eat. So when I was offered a chance to try out new Walkers Mighty Lights I was keen to give them a go. With 30% less fat than normal Walkers crisps plus no artificial colours or preservatives or the dreaded MSG they are a healthier alternative if your children love crisps (or indeed for grown ups!).

We received a parcel containing a 6 pack of each flavour (roast chicken, cheese and onion and lightly salted):

My children were very keen to start testing out the crisps straight away! They allocated each of us a flavour my son got Cheese and Onion, my daughter Roast Chicken and I had Lightly Salted. 

I have to say that those first packets were quickly demolished all round and every one agreed that they were yummy. Sometimes lower fat crisps lose some of their flavour but these were very tasty instead. Over the next week I was allowed to sample crisps from the other flavours as well. I have to say that they were all very tasty!

They really add some interesting texture to a healthy lunch:

We have been out on a lot of family picnics over the last few weeks and its been good to have the Walkers Mighty Lights to add to our lunches:

The ridges really give the crisps a good crunch which makes them more interesting to eat. The whole family gave them a thumbs up and even the grandparents were allowed to taste them!

From next week we have signed up for the Change4Life Smart Restart programme and hopefully these crisps can help us all be a bit healthier. My children have packed lunches at school and I need to know that they are going to eat enough lunch whilst still having the balanced diet. These Walkers Mighty Lights seem to help towards achieving this balance. 

They are available at major retailers and it looks like at least one of my local supermarkets stock them. Looks like I'll be adding them to my trolley when I next go in to shop and switching from the full fat versions. Its great when manufacturers make an effort to produce healthier version of their products that is just as tasty as the originals. I like the fact that there is less salt in the Lightly Salted ones too as I'm conscious of the amount of salt in mine and the children's diets. Wonder if they will being out more flavours too? 

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