Monday 3 December 2012

Monday App Review: Peppa Pig Theme Park

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We were sent a code to get a free copy of the latest Peppa Pig game from PS2 this time it's set in a theme park:

Up to 3 children can have a login for the game to savw their coins and stickers. Like Peppa games we have previously reviewed there are quite a few options for games inside the app:

My 6 year old's favourite was the bumper cars:

Whilst his big sister loves the music game:

Each game has simple instructions and easy controls which means its easy for a child to play. As they go they earn coins to spend in the shop on stickers to add to the scenes they can create:

A lovely game for Peppa Pig fans and one that is very simple. Slightly more than some games at £3.99 but it would get plenty of play.


  1. Thank you for posting this. My kids love playing Peppa Pig too.

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  2. Peppa Pig is such a wonderful little character that we all love to watch or play with. Peppa Pig Games and Toys are becoming well known.

  3. My kids love this app! I like that you have to collect coins to buy the stickers. Have you tried out the other Peppa Pig apps? We love Sports Day, too!

  4. they are indeed! shame mine already too old now..

  5. we loved sports day! kids now grown out of them though :-(

  6. Oh no, that's a shame! I must admit, I like to play the apps when my kids aren't looking :)


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